Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Torturing my macbook with games and Microsoft SideWinder X3

After making 5 complaints to Celcom and 3 enquiries to Digi, my problem still not solved yet...

I was so frustrated, and I decided to play some games to release my frustration, and just during gaming, I found out that my previous mouse's middle button gone "rosak"

So I went to LowYat and got me a Microsoft SideWinder X3 Mouse for RM49
Gosh! I must say this is one of the best deal I got so far, after I did some price survey in LowYat, most of them selling this at RM80, so I believe this is the best price in LowYat.

Well what can I say about this mouse? This is the cheapest most affordable gaming mouse available, the design is quite plain, somehow I still prefer the design of Logitech's G9x bt of course, the price... ahemm...
It fits perfectly in my hand, but the only thing is the two side buttons are just abit too small, making me hard to get use to press them, the DPI switchers really useful, by default, I can change it's speed to 400Dpi, 800Dpi and 2000Dpi of course the best thing is I could customize those buttons with Intellipoint by Microsoft or if I'm in Mac OSX, I will use SteerMouse driver.
And look what I found under their package! An antenna... Nah... nothing to be amused..