Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hippo Shroom EB First Impression

Just got this earphone last Tuesday, never thought I will get this so early, but since I got a great deal because I bundled with my friend's Audio Technica AD-900, in the end I got it. The retail price for this IEM is RM190. Shroom EB is a bassier version of the original Shroom.
The packaging was not that bad for a  RM190. It comes with 6 set of tips, the build of this IEM is kind of special, the driver is nearer to your eardrum, which could deliver better sound but it could easily catch earwax and dust.  Build quality are similar to Crossroads MylarOne's but for the cable, I personally prefer Creative EP630's, for this Shroom EB, it will be better if you could get a cable clip to clip on your shirt, as when you are walking the cable will swing around and knock on your shirt which will produce some irritating sound when you are listening to this earphones.

The sound of this IEM before burn-in is more to the mids and lows, you can hardly get to notice the highs, but after 20hours burn-in, the highs are starting to reveal. I personally feel that this pair of earphones are not really suitable for rock and trance musics, but it performed very well on acoustic, classical and jazz musics.
The soundstage is average, not too wide. Vocals are very clean and not too bright, you can push the volume high but the vocals will not hurt your ears, which I found that most AT earphones and headphones will.

Maybe I was unlucky, the set I got seems to have some problems or maybe it is not a problem. The right side of the earphones' cable is longer than the left side by 2cm, I found out that I need to push the volume higher compared when I am previously using the Creative EP630 and Hippo Groove, and lastly the bass instruments are somehow is abit to the left. Anyway, I will go back to Jaben Malaysia to enquire about these problems.

Will update when I got some answer of my problems :)