Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sennheiser HD202 Review

Got this Sennheiser HD202 from Jaben malaysia last few months, it's not my main headphones but my family desktop needs a personal audio but my family does not need a very good setup so I thought of buying this. This headphones cost around RM166. The build is pretty basic,everything is made of pastic and there is this kinda comfortable paddings on both side of the headphones and one on the top. From what I saw and feel, the padding quality is not that lasting, I got some comments from other users that their padding coating comes out after a certain time. In the package it includes a 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter, so that you could plug into a HiFi or a Amplifier, a cable organiser an the headphones itself.
This headphones really comfortable when you first put it on your head, it is light and the clamp is not that tight so you can't really feel anything when you are enjoying it. But after 30 minutes, your ears starts to sweat, because of it's PVC coating, it is kinda makes you feel hot. Noise isolation is not that good, I had a fan at the back blowing at me and I can easily hear the sound of the wind.

Before I wrote this review I had:
- Burned-in for at least 250 hours
- Did not use any amplifier
- All my musics tested in this review is lossless

Musics Used:
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Santana
The cello sounds ok, but the electric guitar low frequency sounds way better, when it comes to the drum bass, it give a very heavy and clear "thump". Female vocal is not really that impressive, and the drums symbol doesn't really shine well. When it comes to the guitar solo part, the notes is not that clear.

Hysteria - Muse
The starting part of the song some of the notes are mixed up on the electric guitar, When the male vocal comes in, I can't really determine the notes of the bass guitar. But the bass from the drum is detailed.

Rolling in The Deep - Adele
As usual, the bass is quite heavy, second layer vocal recording is quite clear, soundstaging wise, is really narrow.

As conclusion, this headphones doesn't really performed well in rock and vocal. Just for fun, I tried it with Tiesto tracks turns out it performs quite well, like the Ten Seconds Before Sunrise, it really brings out the energy of the music. I tried it with my Hippo Box+ Amplifier, apparently it does improve this headphones alot, the amplifier give it more clarity and improves the vocal and the highs of the musics. But if you want to find a headphones at this price, I would say you might want to consider the iGrado as well.

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